V+ at Pita Pit

Since beginning this plant-based diet over a month ago, one thing I’ve noted is that fast food isn’t as easy as it used to be. Sometimes I just want to grab a quick bite and don’t have time for much else — just want to dash in, dash out, meal in hand. It used to be that my biggest question was “What do I want?” Thai? Chinese? Pizza?

Now it’s a bit more complicated. Do they have vegan options?  Do they use chicken stock in their vegetable soup? Do they have an ingredients list?

I felt a bit of relief when I walked into Pita Pit the other day and found the menu had items marked with a V.  The little green V is Vegetarian and the V+ menu items are vegan. In Canada, they have six vegetarian menu options, four of which are vegan: Garden, Baba Ganoush, Falafel and Hummus.

The staff atgarden-pita the franchise I went to was happy to accommodate by pointing out the vegan options. I ordered the Baba Ganoush on a whole wheat pita. Grilled mushrooms, onions or peppers are options — yes please! Then more choosing from a myriad of toppings similar to those   found at Subway or any other “fresh” fast food joints: romaine or iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, hot peppers, spinach, onions, olives, and more, followed by an array of dressings to choose from.  I kept it simple with romaine, tomatoes and a few jalapenos on the toasted wrap.

It was good and as fresh as it gets considering the toppings are pre-cut and in containers. I got to customize my wrap with with my preferred toppings. Vegan fast-food that hits the spot at $6.99 – an inexpensive, guilt-free lunch for me.

I’d give it a fast food 4/5.