The Path to Wellness

Welcome to HeartBeets! Besides the desire for my own little niche online, I am writing here to document my efforts to get healthier and to find more balance…and joy.

It’s true that we live in a harried society where we need to make an appointment just to find our own breath. We’re eating out more than in, dining on convenience that comes loaded with salt, sugar and fat.  We are toxic. We drink. We smoke. We sit. We sit. We sit.

We are sick. We are overweight, overworked, in debt, stressed and unhappy. Spending on prescription meds in the United States is expected to reach $610 billion by 2021 according to QuintilesIMS Holding, a company which compiles data for the pharmaceutical industry. It’s estimated that pharmaceutical drugs, including prescriptions, are the second biggest health care cost in Canada — 16 per cent of health care spending — and the fastest growing.

People are instinctively looking for relief. Who isn’t taking a yoga class or learning to meditate? We’re trying to cleanse and detox, adding handfuls of greens and tossing back shots of turmeric and ginger. There is more paralyzing indecision than ever – which type of yoga is best for me? Charcoal filter or reverse osmosis? Raw, Vegan or Plant-based? Best way to drop pounds and keep them off? Can one really reverse Type II Diabetes? Which fitness app to download?

I want to explore the lifestyle choices that we are faced with and to share my thoughts and findings with those of you who may be interested too.

Finally, my blog is called HeartBeets because part of my health plan is the transition to a whole-food plant based diet with an eye towards better heart health — something I will write more about in later posts.  Stay tuned!

Heart beets